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Fort Alexander I

Being a small scene just for improving my skills, this project is very dear to my heart. Not only because this is an image of a real building which has a great history of its own. But as well as this is one of the most mysterious places I've ever been to in my life.⠀

Several words about the Alexander I fort. It's situated not far from Kotlin island near Saint-Petersburg, Russia. It was built in 1845 which makes it a bit older than a very famous fort Boyard. The Alexander I fort was established as a powerful naval fortress, but somehow it never took part in any war. The most interesting part of its life began only when the fort was transformed into a super-modern (by the very beginning of the XX century) biological laboratory. Many great biological scientists worked there consolidating their attempts to create a vaccine which could cure plague and other deadly diseases. They had a very unusual way of living and working - as they were totally isolated from the outer world for months and sometimes, years. Yet the fort was equipped with all the necessary conveniences like billiard room, library, bathroom and animal containment. Many of those outstanding scientists died in the fort under very mysterious circumstances that have never been clarified.

On the background pano is a real photo from the place.

About the scene:⠀

I widely used material layers with RGB masks. Many assets as granite block, bags, hay heaps, boats, lantern poles etc made with tiled textures. A few of assets (maybe only barrel) but many of textures are from Megascans. Yes seagulls are strange - but they are strange indeed! =)